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About us

We have been serving the Israeli market since 1970 in designing, casting services and polishing to the largest Israeli manufacturers. After acquiring over 50 years of experience, we have now decided to create a new unique line of finished jewelry, of the highest quality made in Israel. 

As a family-run business with our own unique handwriting design and attention to details, our vision is to craft unique, sentimental, and style-savvy jewelry for our valued customers to make them and their loved ones feel special.

We believe that uniquely styled jewelry is much more meaningful than other fashion accessories for our customers, and we value this perspective and take it seriously.
We also know that each uniquely styled jewel we create tells a story and has a special meaning for its owner. We have dedicated ourselves to create and design beautiful, meaningful, and stylish accessories with a different approach than standard and mass-manufactured jewelry. You can view the options by visiting our ring, earring, and pendant collections.


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